WITS Wichita Industrial Trade Show 2017-
Will be at Century II Expo Hall 225 W. Douglas, Wichita KS. Since 1974 WITS has been a significant marketplace for buyers in the Midwest. The Show has exhibitors from all sectors of our industrial community to present their services, machinery and equipment to the manufacturing community. The 2015 show was sold out and we expect to have a good show in 2017. Admission to the Exhibitor Area and the Seminars are free.


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10/17/17 10/18/17 10/19/17
1:00pm-7:00pm 10:00am-7:00pm 10:00am-4:00pm

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6/12/16 – PLANNING FOR THE 2017 SHOW   –  We are starting the work on the  Oct 2017 show. We are planning to update the software to make the registration better and faster.

11/17/15 –  WITS 2015 – PICTURES – The pictures from the 2015 WITS SHOW have been added to our web site.

10/24/15 – EXHIBITOR’S WEB SITES  Remember all the Exhibitors are listed as well as links to their Web Sites.  This gives you the opportunity to find answers to your manufacturing questions.   We will keep this information available until the 2017 show

1/25/17 – The Show is in October  –   Just 264 day until the 2017 WITS Show opens.  We are having meeting and getting everything ready for a great show.   We have seen great interest from exhibitors.

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11/24/16 – PLANNING FOR A BIG SHOW –  We have been working on the Oct 2017 show.   New and former exhibitors who were not in the 2015 show have been calling about getting a booth space in the 2017 show.    The interest is have been good and we have a number on potential exhibitors on the list for any openings in the 2017 show.   If you are wanting to get into  the show for 2017 please call the WITS office.  

 If you were exhibitor in the 2015 show and what to be in the 2017 show please send in the signed contract or Diana in the WITS office.

If you were in the 2015 show and want a different location please contact WITS  office ASAP about your request, because the 2015 show was sold out and with normal turn over in exhibitors we do not have a lot of locations to work with.      

11/17/15 – NEW EXHIBITORS – If you want to be in the 2017 WITS Show and were not in the 2015 show, then you need to contact the WITS office now to be put on the waiting list.   After Apirl 1, 2017 we will contact you and start assigning open booth spaces. 

11/17/15   –  2017 EXHIBITORS  –    If you were an Exhibitor in the 2015 WITS Show and want to be in the 2017 show,  then you have to be signed up with the WITS office by April 1, 2017.   After April 1 your 2015 location will not be held for you. 

 6/12/16 – PLANNING FOR THE 2017 SHOW   –  We are starting the work on the  Oct 2017 show. If the exhibitors have any ideas on how the make the show better please contact the WITS office or Don Lenhart Co-chairman at 316-573-7690

 7/29/16 – PLANNING FOR THE 2017 SHOW –  We are revising the registration software to make it faster and easier for the attendees.

1/25/17 – WORKING ON THE SHOW –   We are updating the information for the 2017 show.  We are having a lot of interest from potential Exhibitors about the show this year.

1/25/17 – CONTRACT TIME – Exhibitors who were in the 2015 show and are planning on being in the 2017 show, if you have not done so,  now is a good time to send in your sign contract and payment to secure your booth location.